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Q: What are your hours?

A: Range 10:00AM - 10:00PM 7-Days a Week Last shooter at 9:00PM
Rentals 10:00AM - 8:30PM 7-Days a Week
Retail 12:00 PM (Noon) - 8:00PM 7-Days a Week

Q: Do you rent firearms?

A: Yes, we have a large rental fleet of firearms for you try out between 10:00AM - 8:30PM 7-Days a Week. When using our firearms you have to use our ammunition. We also require that there be two (2) Adults 21 years of age or older with valid IDs to rent a firearm. We will rent a firearm to a single person only if they have their own firearm with them at the time of rental.

Q: What is the latest time I can come in and shoot on the range?

A: 8:30PM 7-Days a Week if you would like to rent a firearm.
9:00PM 7-Days a Week if you bring your own firearm.

Q: What does it cost to use your Range?

A: $17 per Person (Range Fee), $10 per Firearm Rental (most firearms) plus the cost of ammunition, Eye Protection starts at $4, Ear Protection starts at $1, Targets start at $0.50, ammunition prices vary.

Q: What are your age requirements?

A: We are a family-friendly facility and we would love to have you and your children out enjoying our range and retail store. We require all minors to be accompanied by a Parent / Legal Guardian and have a Parental Release Form filled out. We require 18 and older to use long guns and 21 and older to use hand guns (minors are OK with a supervising adult).

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